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Australian couple reaches impressive milestone

January 3, 2014

It's not unusual to see older adults as avid runners. In fact, the more than 12,000 runners in the 2013 New York City Marathon greatly ranged in age, with the oldest participant coming in at 93. Still, while seniors are staying more physically active than generations past, few can compete with Janette Murray-Wakelin and her husband Alan Murray, who are 64 and 68, respectively.  Recently, the pair completed their goal of running a marathon every day in 2013, The Huffington Post reported.

Their incredible journey took them around Australia, and they did not stop at 365 days. On Jan. 1, they kicked off 2014 by completing their 366th marathon in a row, which they believe to be a world record. They weren't just following a healthy lifestyle for seniors by exercising regularly, they also completed their journey while eating a raw vegan diet. Despite being well into their 60s, Murray said he and Janette were confident they could reach their goal.

"The first few weeks we were sore, breaking ourselves in," Murray told ABC Radio. "After that it's actually become easier every day. I really don't think we've had any days when we didn't think we could make it."

The couple have long been avid runners, but they got the idea to travel through Australia soon after moving there from New Zealand. That desire was strengthened after Janette was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, the duo has been committed to serving as an inspiration to other older adults looking to stay active.

While it's not realistic to expect seniors to be ultra-marathoners, the Murrays' dedication to physical activity can certainly be replicated. Whether it is in the form of swimming, cycling, yoga, tai chi or anything in between, it's all part of a healthy lifestyle for seniors.