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Honoring Loudoun County history, Ashby Ponds dedicates new meeting place

November 6, 2018

Ashburn, Virginia--In honor of the community's 10th anniversary, Ashby Ponds dedicated Farmwell Hall, the Erickson Living community's newest meeting place.  Devoted to the moral, spiritual, and intellectual growth of residents, Farmwell Hall is named after the 19th century Loudoun County log house of the same name. 

Gifted to the people of Loudoun County in 1849 by the George Lee family, the Farmwell house was, as described in the deed, "to be used to aid the religious, moral, and intellectual improvement of the people residing in the vicinity."  In the same way, Farmwell Hall at Ashby Ponds will host both religious and non-faith-based activities for the growing community. 

"We are so thrilled about Farmwell Hall," says Ashby Ponds executive director Craig Karczmer.  "This new addition helps to reinforce our commitment to celebrating ethnic, religious and cultural diversity in a way that nourishes and strengthens our community.  It is a place where everyone will feel welcome."

All 300-seats at Farmwell Hall were filled for the highly-anticipated dedication.  Guests were welcomed with flute and harp as they made their way to their seats.  The non-denominational service included an invocation presented by community member Suzanne Rudiselle, a member of the Ashby Ponds Interfaith Church, a piano and organ duet by residents Jane Webb and Michael Murtha, and a benediction by community member Otto Jacobson, a member of Ashby Ponds' Lutheran community.  Each week a variety of Ashby Ponds faith-based groups meet at Farmwell Hall.  Catholic Mass, Episcopal/Anglican Fellowship, Jewish Shabbat, Lutherans, Unitarian-Universalists, and the Ashby Ponds Interfaith Church provide services for residents and their family and friends at the Hall.  Members of the Ashby Ponds woodshop diligently constructed a six-foot wooden cross of solid walnut, on wheels, for use, as needed, at weekly gatherings and memorial services.

"The residents of our Ashby Ponds campus are so fortunate to have Farmwell Hall as a venue to meet and enjoy life through limitless programs and activities that will be held here," says community member Greg Johnson.  "While some of these activities will be faith-based, many will not."

In addition to weekly religious celebrations, Farmwell Hall is available, as a meeting place, to all of the community's more than 200 clubs and activities.  It is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, as decided upon by a resident-led task force prior to its opening. 

"In my opinion, the best part of Farmwell Hall is that it was designed for all members of the Ashby Ponds community," says community member C. Carole Richard.  "The building is comfortable, bright, friendly, and welcoming."

About Ashby Ponds: Ashby Ponds, one of 19 continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living®, is situated on a scenic 132-acre campus in Ashburn, Virginia. The community is located in Loudoun County and is home to 1,300 residents. Additional information about Ashby Ponds can be found at