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Erickson Realty and Moving Services helps those moving to the fastest growing county in Virginia

October 5, 2017

Helping seniors attain the retirement lifestyle they desire

Ashburn, Va. – According to U.S. Census figures released in March, Loudoun County, Va. is the fastest growing county in the state. The county's estimated population growth rate between 2015 and 2016 was 3.03 percent, representing 11,386 new residents. Since the 2010 Census, Loudoun County's population has jumped by almost a quarter, with the addition of an estimated 73,609 new residents.

Mirroring this accelerated growth is Erickson Living's Loudoun County community – Ashby Ponds, located in Ashburn. With the recent addition of Cherry Blossom Square, the community's tenth residential building, and two additional residential buildings opening in early 2018, Ashby Ponds is now the fastest developing continuing care community in the nation.

In an effort to address the needs of the hundreds of new community members moving to the Loudoun County community each month, Ashby Ponds' personal moving consultant, Elizabeth McCumiskey meets with future residents, offering the many benefits of the Erickson Realty and Moving Services program.

Introduced in 2007 and available at all of Erickson Living's 19 communities, the program helps eliminate the many challenges older Americans face when selling their houses and preparing for their moves. At the heart of the Realty and Moving Service program are the personal moving consultants, like McCumiskey, who work one-on-one with future residents to provide personalized assistance with everything from selecting a real estate professional, to staging their home, to packing and moving.

"Our personal moving consultants make it their number-one priority to ensure that a future resident's move, from start to finish, is as stress-free and seamless as possible," says Erickson Living's Regional Director, Sharon Baksa, who started the Realty and Moving Services program in 2007. "By working with a network of carefully-selected professionals (or preferred partners), chosen for the quality of services they provide, our personal moving consultants create customized moving plans unique to each individual customer's desires. And most importantly, they are with their customers every step of the way."

In 2016, McCumiskey and her team of real estate professionals helped community members sell $39 million in real estate.

"My goal is to help make moves as seamless and stress-free as possible," says McCumiskey, who worked with 91% of all people moving to Ashby Ponds last year. "For many people that starts with selling their current house. Our realtors are intimately aware of the market and the neighborhoods where they are selling. As a result, the homes they sell currently average 22 days on the market compared to 46 days for those not using a preferred realtor."

"The help I received was invaluable," says Elaine Wienholt who moved to Ashby Ponds from Maryland last November.

With McCumiskey's guidance, Wienholt enlisted help to sell her home, downsize, pack, and move her personal belongings.

"Everyone was wonderful," says Elaine. "I had a tight timetable for my move and my realtor was terrific. He supervised the necessary updates to my condo and got it on the market quickly. I also appreciated the help packing and donating items.  I was even able to bring my big sewing machine with me to Ashby Ponds. I now enjoy giving sewing lessons to an 9-year-old girl. I would definitely recommend Erickson Realty and Moving Services to anyone moving to Ashby Ponds."

And word of mouth is a powerful force.

To date, with almost four months left until the new year, McCumiskey has already helped sell $38 million in real estate and continues to work with over 93% of the people moving to Ashby Ponds.

"Moving doesn't have to be the stressful nightmare many people fear it will be," she says. "Our team of trusted professionals understand, first-hand, all the ins and out of selling a home and moving to Ashby Ponds. They do the heavy lifting so our new residents can begin to enjoy their exciting new life as soon as possible."

That's exactly what Wienholt and her cat Sweetie did, moving to Ashby Ponds while the professionals updated and sold her condo.

"While they were working, I joined a book group, participated in a weekly art class, and learned to play Mah Jongg," she says. "I've met many interesting people and my neighbors are friendly and inviting. I'm very, very happy."



Photo: attached.

Credit: Kelly Shue

Caption: "I was worried that I wouldn't be able to take my sewing machine with me," says Weinholt. "But Elizabeth made sure that it fit nicely into my new home and that it arrived in perfect condition."