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Apps can improve senior health, make travel easier

June 27, 2012

It's not unusual for seniors to have cellphones. In fact, recent statistics from the Pew Research Center show around 69 percent of adults over 65 have a mobile phone, up from 57 percent just two years ago. Yet while devices such as smartphones have become more popular, seniors may not be sure what apps and other add-ons are best for them. FoxBusiness recently offered a few suggestions.

Among the most valuable benefits smartphone apps offer seniors are in the realm of healthy aging. For instance, programs such as the Walgreens Rx App and The Philips Medication Dispenser make it easier for seniors to take medication, which can sometimes be a significant hurdle for older adults.

"Baby boomers rely on their medications to keep them healthy, but complex medication schedules can lead to mistakes: missing doses, taking incorrect amounts, or taking medicines at the wrong times," industry insider Alexis Abramson told the website. "These mistakes could lead to unnecessary doctor or hospital visits, illness and even death."

Smartphone apps can also prove useful for retirees who travel frequently. For instance, the Polaroid Zink can change how traveling seniors take photos, while the Cloud Camera 5000 lets them keep an eye on their home while they're away, FoxBusiness reports.