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Annual Utah conference aimed at helping seniors stay healthy, engaged

August 22, 2012

A recent study from USA Today and UnitedHealthcare found seniors are optimistic about life, and with one look at how some older adults in Utah are spending their time, it's easy to see why. Senator Orrin Hatch recently hosted a conference in the Beehive State to gain some insight into the aging process, the Desert News reports.

Among those in attendance was Kay Bradford, who is almost 90. Despite her age, she is as active as many of her younger counterparts and should serve as paragon of healthy aging. She still lives in her own home and has a busy social schedule filled with tai chi and volunteer opportunities.

"I do anything and everything I can to stay young and happy," she told the newspaper.

While not all older adults are as active as Bradford, the annual conference sheds some light on how others can enjoy a healthy lifestyle for seniors. The event also provides some useful info ranging from technology tips, health and fitness instruction and advice on talking to doctors.

Thanks to events such as these, it's no wonder older adults feel confident about the future. According to the USA Today poll, 75 percent of Americans 60 or older expect the next five to 10 years to be the same or better.