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More Than $285,000 Raised For Ann's Choice Scholars Fund Rewarding Close To 200 Area Students

June 11, 2013

WARMINSTER, PA - With the school year finished, Ann's Choice held a graduation ceremony to honor 180 area high school students who work at the continuing care retirement community.  These students will benefit from the Ann's Choice Scholars' Fund, which provides money for their upcoming college or secondary school education.
During the ceremony, each student received a scholarship totaling $1,000; $500 per semester for four years of full-time undergraduate study. 
Funding for the scholarships is based upon voluntary donations made by residents and staff.  The scholarship funding is paid directly to the students' respective secondary education institution each semester. The money is raised through various fundraisers and individual contributions.  The scholarship funding is paid directly to the students' respective secondary education institution each semester. 
The Scholars' Fund recipients must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible to receive funding, including working at least 1,000 hours at Ann's Choice over a consecutive two-year period, amassing a proven exemplary work record and plans to attend college or trade school on a full-time basis.
This year, 1,465 gifts from 982 donors benefitted the fund, which began in 2005.  A total of $2 million has been raised since the Scholars' Fund began 10 years ago  Scholarships were first handed out in 2005 where nine students first qualified.
Ann's Choice Executive Director Chris Donati said, "The Scholars' Fund is Ann's Choice's way of providing educational assistance for the bright, dedicated and hard-working students who are an essential part of our community.  I want to personally thank all of our residents who are helping to provide these young men and women with assistance that will potentially help them flourish.  Through these generous donations, the residents are helping shape the future of these students. 
"The generous residents who contribute to the fund year after year are not only doing a good deed, but they are investing in our future," said Susan Abtouche, Ann's Choice Director of Philanthropy.  "The Scholars' Fund program gives the hard-working student employees a wonderful opportunity to advance their education.  We appreciate the generosity of the residents who donate to this worthwhile cause, which enables the students to succeed and achieve at school."
The list of Ann's Choice Scholars and their hometowns are below.
About Ann's Choice:  Ann's Choice is one of 16 continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living. The scenic 103 acre campus is located in Warminster, Pennsylvania and is home to more than 2,000 residents. Ann's Choice is a greater Bucks County retirement destination offering an exciting alternative to typical retirement, convenience beyond compare and a sensible financial structure.
John Anastasia - Jamison
James Andrews - Warrington
Lauren Bauer - Warminster
Justine Belinsky - Warminster
Nathan Bennett - Hatboro
Alexander Calderwood - Hatboro
Ryan Cantwell - Warrington
John Capinas - Trevose
Dawn Cilingin - Holland
Daniel Dougherty - Warminster
Nathan Dzikowski - Churchville
Isana Fils-Aime - Morrisville
Adam Glendenning - Jamison
Luke Habib - Warrington
Bradley Harbaugh - Hatboro
Kaitlyn Hitchcock - Hatboro
Nathaniel Klepser - Warminster
Maria Klos - Southampton
Amanda Koch - Hatboro
Jessica Lang - Churchville
Julianne Marvel - Southampton
Shannon Mathers - Warrington
Alyssa McCusker - Jamison
Jason McGowen - Southampton
Sean McGrody - Churchville
Christopher Naiberk - Hatboro
William Orr - Churchville
Marisa Osimo - Warminster
Mairead Pfeil - Willow Grove
Patrick Rennie - Churchville
Gabriella Riccardo - Churchville
Christopher Rycharski - Warrington
Michael Schneider - Philadelphia
Katie Scullion - Warminster
Stacia Simons - Warrington
Jonathan Trost - Warrington
Allison Weierstall - Churchville
Brian Wilson - Warrington

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