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After 50 years apart, couple reunites, gets married

November 13, 2012

A love story more than 50 years in the making came to fruition recently, when two college sweethearts tied the knot decades after they broke up for a reason neither of them remembers. California residents Emilie Danielson 69, and Terry Britton, 70, got married in Santa Ana, offering hope to those still seeking their long lost love, The Orange County Register reports.

The pair's story began back in 1960 when they were both freshmen at Chapman College. They dated for two years, but eventually parted ways after a fight. Britton went on to serve in the Army during the Vietnam War while Danielson eventually got married, and widowed, twice.

Despite the fact that Danielson and Britton fell out of touch, she continued to send Britton's mother a Christmas card year after year. However, when his mother died several years ago, Britton was the one at home to receive the card and called Danielson without any hesitation.

"We had a real connection there. Things had been left undone," Britton told the newspaper. "I knew I wanted to talk to her. And needed to."

The reunion of Britton and Danielson underscores the growing role that dating plays in senior living. In fact, one emerging trend has seen older adults heading online to find love, according to CBS News. Approximately 16 percent of all users on the internet's five biggest dating sites are people aged 55 or older, and there are a number of websites that target older clientele.

"We're very interested in working with senior people," Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the founder of, told CBS. "Eventually, you're going to see seniors playing a larger and larger role in services like ours."