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AARP creates new resource for senior travelers

March 19, 2014

Retirement living can provide the perfect opportunity for seniors to embark on the travel adventures of their dreams. Treating themselves to exciting vacations can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle for seniors, as those who spend their time relaxing can experience a greater mental and physical release. While seniors have the desire to visit these locations, some lack the knowledge to book their trips virtually.

Booking sites, including Expedia, Orbitz and Kayak, can help older adults find ticket prices, but they lack information pertaining to the destination. Similarly, sites that offer travel activities and trip ideas do not provide visitors with the tools to pay for their stays. The American Association of Retired Persons noticed this senior travel inconvenience and sought to create an all-inclusive resource for their use. 

More seniors looking to book trips online
According to the AARP Online Travel Study, nearly 80 percent of individuals over the age of 50 use travel sites to research and book their vacations. Specifically, the research found that seniors typically visit four sites to plan the trip, then seek three additional ones before they book. Respondents indicated that the main reasons they visited so many sites were because they sought the best deals, and they believed information about their travels could not be accessed on one site alone. 

AARP Travel site offers travel ideas for seniors
Because of these reasons, the organization recently unveiled AARP Travel, a site that features a number of resources specifically catered toward the senior population. Visitors can access a number of tools pertaining to their travels, whether they're seeking information about a specific trip or looking for ideas for the future. Complete with destination guides, travel tips, articles, access to agents and a trip finder feature, the site aims to equip visitors with all they need to know when considering traveling. Additionally, the page offers a link to senior discounts, including locations, activities and restaurants that provide deals for those over the age of 50.

The company released a statement explaining the features of the site, asking members to visit and provide feedback concerning its operations. Sami Hassanyeh, chief digital officer for the AARP, explained that the goal is to provide quality resources for seniors looking to travel.

"The features we've launched today, along with new content and tools we'll add to AARP Travel as the service grows, reflect the simplicity, ease of use and convenience people want all under one roof," Hassanyeh said. "Whether it's a weekend family trip or the vacation of a lifetime, we want to enable people to travel intelligently, enjoyably and economically, anywhere and anytime."