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99-year-old takes to social news site Reddit to answer questions

August 19, 2013

Reddit, a popular social news website, may not be popular among the senior population, but one 99-year-old woman recently took to its question and answer section to field queries from the site's traditionally younger user base. With the help of her great-granddaughter, the anonymous nonagenarian discussed what it has been like to live during the last century and provided a compelling account that turned out to be both heartwarming and fascinating.

The woman, who went by the username GG_Louise, was born in 1914 and has lived a very active life. She started working when she was just 12 years old - taking a job in the school cafeteria - and she did not fully retire until she was 96. Her granddaughter pointed out that she remains very active even as she approaches 100, and she has long followed the hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle for seniors

"I never smoked, and I get out of bed and put my feet on the floor every morning!" she responded to a question about how she has managed to keep her youthful appearance as she got older. 

She also shed light on the amazing progress she's seen during her lifetime. For instance, she pointed out that she has marveled at the stunning advancements in medical technology. To get a sense of just how much she has lived through: her earliest memory was seeing World War I veterans return home.

GG_Louise is just one of many tech-savvy seniors. More older adults than ever before are using the Internet, according to recent findings from the Pew Research Center, which revealed that 56 percent of people 65 and older are online.