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6 crafts to make with your grandchildren on Thanksgiving

November 12, 2014

Thanksgiving is a time for great food, family and friends. When you see everyone this year, make sure you're equipped with the materials you need to make some creative crafts for the holiday. The best part is that they're all relatively simple, so they make for a great activity to enjoy with your grandchildren while waiting for the feast.

1. Hand wreath
To make this fun, colorful piece of holiday art, all you need is a small stack of construction paper, scissors and glue. Instruct your helpers to place their hand on the stack of papers and outline it with a pencil. From there, cut the shape from the piece of paper (double up on the paper if you want to save time), and repeat until you have enough "hands" to form a large circle. Glue them end-to-end and let dry. You can hang it up over windows, on doors and anywhere else in the house to celebrate Thanksgiving!

2. Turkey centerpiece
Most of the day will be spent in the kitchen or dining room, so why not get the kids involved in decorating the table? They'll love being able to sit around one of their very own creations with the whole family. Start by painting a plastic cup brown. If you don't have any paint, simply cover the base with brown construction paper. Flip it over and glue a brown pom-pom on the top. The rest of the turkey can be designed with construction paper. Alternate between brown, red, orange and yellow paper to make feathers that attach to the base of the cup, and create eyes, a beak and a jowl from the paper as well.

3. Popcorn on the cob
Call on the help of your grandkids to create a snack for the family while the meal is being prepared. Try this quick craft idea from Parenting magazine. Make popcorn and divide it evenly into clear sandwich bags. Flip vertically and place each one in a plastic cup to act as the corn's base. Use a piece of green tissue paper to cover the base, and take another one to cover the back and sides of the bag of popcorn. Tie at the top with a string, and it should resemble one of your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes!

4. Feather headband
To make decorations that children can wear, try cutting a long piece of paper about 1-inch wide, fitting to their head and trimming accordingly. Next, glue on colorful feathers and decorate the band with jewels and other designs. Once everything is dry, staple the ends together so it creates a band around their forehead.

5. Autumn place cards
Help your grandchildren create unique place cards for each of your family member's table setting. Take a walk outside and gather some of the nicest leaves you can find. Choose different shapes, colors and sizes. Bring them inside and start cutting out rectangles from construction paper for each setting. Write one person's name on the rectangle and glue leaves around it. You can also jazz it up by drawing fun designs and gluing other decorations. Let the kids have fun with it - there's no wrong way to decorate a place card!

6. Candy cornucopias
Another craft that doubles as a treat, candy cornucopias from Busy Bee Kids Crafts are fun to make and eat. All you need is sugar ice cream cones and an assortment of candy. Take a cone and break the end so it curves upward. Fill with your candy of choice. Try gum drops and Runts so they resemble fruit, and have some of them spilling out so the finished piece really looks like a small cornucopia.