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5 exhibits for seniors to visit in Boston

March 20, 2014

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S., rich with historical sites that draw tourists from all over the world. While Beantown may be famous for its significant impact on the country's development, it features a myriad of exciting contemporary attractions. The city is home to several of the nation's most significant art museums, some of which boast the works of artists that have left everlasting impacts on the greater world. Participating in museum tours can help boost seniors' mental and physical health, encouraging them to not only remain cognitively involved during their tours, but to also stretch their legs as they traverse through the corridors. Older adults living in Massachusetts Retirement Communities may want to consider visiting the following art exhibits:

1. Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts features an array of art collections perfect for art enthusiasts of all varieties, from individuals who prefer more historical artists to those who enjoy modern works. The MFA features a variety of famous works, though its collections are constantly changing. Seniors should visit the organization's website to discover the specifics prior to their trip, but they will never cease to be amazed by the beautiful items on display. The museum is currently hosting an Impressionism exhibit until the end of May, featuring the classic paintings of Van Gogh, Monet and Degas. 

2. Boston Public Library
While some people may not associate libraries with art exhibits, the Boston Public Library stands as an exception as free tours offer visitors the ability to view artistic works found in the building. Boston Seniority, a publication from the City of Boston's Commission on Affairs of the Elderly, reported that the Boston Public Library would be offering free art and architecture tours, allowing visitors to see murals, paintings and classic architecture created by artists including Edwin Austin Abbey, John Singer Sargent and Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.

3. The Institute of Contemporary Art
Seniors who are interested in more modern works of art should drop by The Institute of Contemporary Art. Featuring an array of the most current visual art, media, film and performance exhibits, the ICA explained on its website that it seeks to educate visitors about the most current contemporary works. While exhibitions are constantly changing, the organization seeks to showcase the best examples of current works. The Nick Cave exhibit, which features colorful sculptures wearing costumes, will be open to visitors until the beginning of May.

4. Museum of Science
Older adults looking to exercise their minds while they visit exciting attractions should consider the Museum of Science, According to the organization's website, the museum features presentations pertaining to scientific topics, live animal exhibits, a global kitchen, a planetarium, 3-D interactive exhibits and a wealth of exciting activities. This attraction features an event calendar for visitors, including links to upcoming free or community programs. Seniors are eligible for a discounted admission price, whether they're looking to visit the exhibits of the museum or see a show at the planetarium. 

5. Boston Children's Museum
While the Boston Children's Museum hosts a variety of activities and shows for kids, it offers a great activity for grandparents to participate in with their younger relatives. Collections include works that aim to inspire and intrigue visitors, including the Bubbles exhibit. Children who visit Bubbles are allowed to blow bubbles of all shapes, sizes and consistencies. The activity has been a crowd favorite since the early '80s, according to the museum's website. However, the site also provides opportunities for adults to enjoy themselves as well. April 9, the location will transform into the Boston Grown-Ups Museum, featuring programs and events specifically for adults.