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4 indicators of healthy aging

July 29, 2014

There's a reason for the phrase "age is just a number." If you're an older adult who lives an active lifestyle and feels great, the age you act could be much lower than what your license reads. Likewise, you may also feel a lot older, depending on your health and circumstances. According to The Huffington Post, there are ways to tell if one is growing older for the better or worse. Here are some of the mental and physical indicators of healthy aging

1. Clear, white eyes
A person's eyes can tell a lot about his or her health. If your eyes are clear, it's a great sign that your body is functioning properly and that you're also getting enough rest, which is crucial to one's health. Conversely, yellow eyes could signal a liver issue, red eyes might show a lack of sleep and cloudy eyes may indicate a problem with vision. Additionally, bloodshot, irritated eyes could be a sign of arthritis, said The Huffington Post. An estimated one in four people with the disease suffer from eye problems at some point.

2. Even, glowing skin
Everyone has their facial imperfections, but if your skin's tone is even for the most part, it's a good sign, noted The Huffington Post. It could mean that you're properly hydrated, you're getting enough rest and nutrients or you just have great skin. If your skin is dull or uneven, it might indicate something as serious as kidney problems, or it may just be due to regular aging. Healthy cell regrowth and repair slows down with age, which could lead to a buildup of skin cells and make your skin look uneven.

3. Technological awareness
Staying up to date with the latest technology is part of a healthy lifestyle for seniors as well. Sherri Snelling, senior director for Evercare, told NBC News that learning the basics of certain new media like Twitter and Skype can help keep brain cells young and healthy. If you have a few social media accounts that you use and know the basics of your smartphone, chances are, you're aging for the better.

4. Youthful spirit
Sometimes just believing that you're younger than you actually are is enough to keep you healthy as you age. Jacqui Smith, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, told NBC News that feeling youthful can improve optimism, and can in turn reduce stress and risk of disease as well as improve your immune system. Basically, if you're feeling as though you're aging well, you probably are.