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4 forms of technology that can improve your life

September 19, 2014

You already know how fun technology can be. You can use your smartphone or tablet to take pictures, update your Facebook status and play games with your friends. But there's also technology that can help improve some of the most tedious parts of your day. Try some of these to locate lost objects, remind you of important tasks and more.

1. Key finders

Forgetting where you placed your keys can affect everyone - not just those receiving memory care. After all, you may have been losing track of them since you first learned how to drive. With key-finder technology, you no longer have to endure the annoyance of scouring your home when you're already late. Senior Planet noted that some products on the market allow you to use the functionality on other items that may be easily lost, including TV remotes and phones.

2. Medication reminders

If you take many medications, you're not alone. According to the American Family Physician, most older Americans take three to five medications each day. As a result, it can be difficult to manage all of them. Fortunately, there's technology that can help remind you to take everything from important, time sensitive prescriptions to the daily vitamins you take for healthy aging. Many devices, like pill boxes with alarms and mobile applications, can remind you to take your pills and help you keep track of what remains for the day.

3. 'Smart' clothing

For those who love to work out, or want to adopt a healthy lifestyle for seniors, there's technology that you can actually wear to enhance the experience. According to The New York Times, scientists are developing "smart" clothing equipped with heart rate monitors that sync with a computer or mobile device. Using this technology, you can see how your body responds to different exercise intensities and be warned of any dangerous levels. When it's time to toss them in the wash, all you need to do is remove the chip that's typically tucked into a pocket or pouch of some sort.

4. Bluetooth hearing aids

Imagine taking a phone call without even having to pick up your phone. Now, think of what it would be like to also hear every word loud and clear. According to USA Today, there are special hearing aids that come equipped with Bluetooth technology that can do just that. Not only can they stream calls, but they can also perform some of the same functions as a smartphone, including voice commands and message reciting.