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3 questions you should never ask a retired person

August 4, 2014

As a retired person, you may come into contact with people who just don't understand all the benefits of life-after-work. If you are ever asked these questions, don't get angry. Use it as an opportunity to explain why retirement is a wonderful, meaningful goal to achieve!

1. Have you thought about going back to work?
Here's a revelation to share: the beauty of being retired is enjoying less structured responsibility after years of hard work. Now that you're free from a boss's demands, you can focus on the activities you find most enriching and rewarding. Retirement is a great time to do a new kind of "work" entirely on your terms, whether it's volunteering at an animal shelter, helping out at your place of worship or offering to babysit your grandchild for the afternoon.

2. What do you do all day?
A great answer is: Whatever I want!  After years of demands, you now have complete control over how you'll spend your day. You could exercise, read a book, go shopping, travel or simply relax. The possibilities are endless and the choices are entirely yours!

3. How do you make money?
While highly personal, you may want to answer this question by sharing some basic financial principles with the inquirer. Perhaps you diligently saved for retirement. Perhaps you made frugal financial decisions over the years that have allowed you to live off of your investments. Whatever your strategy, take time to educate others on how you were able to reach this wonderful time of freedom. You may instill knowledge that will help them reach the point when they too can retire!