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3 great news apps for seniors

August 6, 2014

For some, nothing beats a newspaper to go along with your morning coffee and wake-up routine. But for others, more immediate coverage is preferred in the palm of their hands. Keeping news apps on your phone or tablet allows you easier access to some of the most important headlines. And staying current is especially important for seniors, as the Alzheimer's Association noted that mental stimulation like reading and socializing promotes healthy aging. Download some of these news apps to keep yourself in the know at all times.

While you could just open a browser and search for AARP, downloading the app saves you a few steps. Once it's on your phone or tablet, you can just tap the icon and the website will pop up in a mobile-friendly layout. Use this app to stay up to date with senior health tips, retirement news and all other beneficial information related to people over the age of 50. According to the publication's website, there are six different AARP apps available for download, including the website shortcut and the actual publication in digital form. All of them offer news as well as access to local discounts aimed at the senior population.

With all of the information on the Internet, it can get overwhelming trying to read it all at once. Pocket is an app that allows you to save articles for a later time, so seniors with an active lifestyle can quickly bookmark articles they find interesting and return to them at a later time. And, since all of the articles are stored within the app, you don't even need to be connected to the Internet to view them. An aesthetically pleasing, convenient way of reading your favorite content, download Pocket to stay up to date on everything you need to know when you have the time.

Another way to compile all of your news, Flipboard goes a step further by suggesting relevant news articles based on your noted interests. After downloading the app, you choose several categories of interest, and it shows you relevant headlines. Users can either stick to those categories or search terms on their own. For instance, seniors living with diabetes can easily search for sugar-free recipes and keep the query on file to access new and relevant articles as they're published. You can also group all of your favorite news pieces together and create your own magazine that can be shared with other users. In a visually appealing way, you're able to customize your news and save it for when it's convenient for you.